Allowing sources of different power and impedance to be connected

The timeless journey of pure sound

The amplifier modules are based on a completely symmetrical construction in a combination of FETs and bipolar transistors. Bandwidth and linearity play an important role in this. It makes the phase behaviour of the preamplifier linear, which partly determines the extreme spaciousness and "live-3D" feeling of this amplifier.

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Ruud Jonker

"You then hear ten things at once, but at such a high level, as only the very best systems in the world present"
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Ruud Jonker

"When you take all that together, you have a system with a spectacular level of performance in absolute terms. You would want to let everyone hear this soundstage. Simply to calibrate and to be able to build up a frame of reference of what is possible with good equipment"
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Technical specifications

Output voltage at 2V input (RMS) - 12V
THD+Noise IkHz - >0.05%
Signal-to-Noise Ratio - >90dB
Operating Voltage - 220~230VAC (EU)
Fuse - IAT
Standby power consumption - 10w
Standby power consumption - < 1w
Operating Temperature - 42°C
Warning Temperature - 50°C
Thermal switch-off - 60°C
Weight - 25kg
Dimensions - 450x423x112mm


Werner Ero

"A direct result of striving for perfection, and that is ultimately very noticeable."
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Masterful Craftsmanship

We all agree what an amplifier should do: amplify the input signal, nothing more, nothing less. Modus Audio Systems has, after many years of experience in the field of audio electronics, but especially by listening to music as its starting point: Listen to the original. Nothing should obstruct our ears to fully enjoy the original recording with as much passion and skill as it is performed by the artist and sound engineer.

Experience the sound in one of our demo stores

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