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All amplifier stages of the SPA01 are individually supplied with filtered power circuits. We have paid special attention to the driver stages. They are uniquely designed to provide a very stable and linear transfer to the output stages.

All resistors, capacitors, matched transistors and MOSFETs are carefully selected during the design process and at procurement and are of the highest quality.

The choice of each amplifier component depends entirely on the task it must perform. That could be a transistor, a FET or even a tube, if necessary.

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Ruud Jonker

"You then hear ten things at once, but at such a high level, as only the very best systems in the world present"
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Ruud Jonker

"When you take all that together, you have a system with a spectacular level of performance in absolute terms. You would want to let everyone hear this soundstage. Simply to calibrate and to be able to build up a frame of reference of what is possible with good equipment"
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Technical specifications

Maximum power 8Ω/1kHz - 60W
Maximum power 4Ω/1kHz - 120W
Maximum output voltage (RMS) - 22V
Amplification - 26dB
Input voltage at full power (26dB) - 1.1V
Frequency range (0.1dB ≈ -3dB) - 10Hz ≈ 300kHz
THD + Noise 1kHz full power - < 1%
THD + Noise 1kHz 5W - < 0.08%
Signal-to-Noise Ratio - > 90dB
DC Offset - < 0.05V
Weight - 34kg
Dimensions - 450x423x112mm


Werner Ero

"A direct result of striving for perfection, and that is ultimately very noticeable."
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Masterful Craftsmanship

We approach the market of high-end audio equipment market not only by focusing exclusively on perfect reproduction, but also by devoting attention to craftsmanship down to the smallest detail.

Each meticulously selected part, all semi-finished products, bear our signature. Modus Audio Systems has a state-of-the-art equipped workshop with its own CNC controlled turning and milling machines, CAD-CAM software, pick-and-place machine and reflow oven, etc.

Carefully selected specialized companies, with whom we work very closely, provide certain treatments in the production process. Thus, high- quality surface treatments are outsourced, and the wooden casing is produced by third parties, depending on the end-user's requirements.

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