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Interact with our state-of-the-art equipment, feel the craftsmanship, and most importantly experience our signature sonic perfection.

Imagine standing in the front row of your favourite concert or right in the middle of a recording studio - our demo stores transport you there. We invite you to discover your music anew, as our groundbreaking amplifiers deliver every note, every nuance, and every emotion with unparalleled clarity and depth.

Our experienced staff will be on hand to guide you, answer your questions, and assist you in customizing your Modus Audio unit to match your unique style. So come, step into a Modus Audio demo store and let us embark on this sonic journey together. At Modus Audio, we don't just create audio equipment; we craft experiences.


Ruud Jonker

"As a listener, you just have to experience it and admit that you have probably rarely experienced reproduction at this level. The perfection with which the source material is reproduced is astonishing."
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PUUR hifidelity

Slotlaan 306, 3701 GX, Zeist, Netherlands


Hoenderstraat 3, 6211EL, Maastricht, Netherlands

Highend home experience

Maastricht, Netherlands
Lanaken, Belgium