Modus talks to Robert Brijde, PUUR hifidelity

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ROBERT BRIJDE OF PUUR hifidelity / PUUR residential

Do you remember Robert Brijde? In the early nineties, the Amsterdam-based DJ and producer created a furore on the Dutch dance scene. He scored several hits and played at just about every major festival. Today, together with Daan Vreeswijk, he is at the helm of PUUR, distributor and installer of high-end audio, home cinema and home automation. And thus also of Modus Audio Systems. We put our hands up in the air and asked some resounding questions. What makes Modus Audio so special?

"What doesn't? Modus Audio stands at a unique position in the sector of high-quality sound systems. Not only because of its sound performance, but also in terms of its finishing touch. The extent to which the customer himself determines the entire look and feel is exceptional. And in terms of price/quality, you won't find better. You can simply count on outstanding performance".

How would you describe our systems?

"In one word? Unrivalled! Control, micro-information, stage: Modus Audio is primus in every area. Even the internal architecture is of a maniacal and unique beauty. Add to that the classic and timeless design and you get a stunning overall package. The crème de la crème on the market."

What are your customers looking for?

"Anyone who walks into our studio aims for a live experience. In other words: a sound experience as close to reality as possible. You got that right as well. Both instruments and voices retain their natural timbre. That catapults you as a visitor into the music studio or the concert of your favourite artist."

How do you help customers with their final choice?

"We go very far with that. They are invited to evaluate the systems in our shop using their own chosen recordings. If they are still undecided, we visit them. We then organise a listening session in the relevant room of their home or workplace. Supplemented by personal advice, we thus guarantee a 100% accurate experience and thus always the right choice."